Exterior Detailing Services

Exterior Detailing Services

Headlight & Tailight Restoration

Over a period of time effects of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, weather, and road debris will degrade the look and function of your automobile headlight and taillight lenses. These forces can result the lenses to look poor in appearance and lose its most important function, which is nightime visibility. We have developed our own system to restore the appearance to their original factory like condition, at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Paint Sealant Protection

Paint Sealant Protection is a layer of clear polymer protection which bonds to the painted surface and acts as a barrier between the paint and the destructive elements your automobile faces every day. When you buy a new automobile the fantastic paint job is probably part of the package that caught your eye. Part of owning a new automobile is keeping it looking pristine for as long as possible. Paint technology has advanced significantly over the years however so has the number of environmental hazards that can destroy your automobile’s finish. Even when it rolls off the assembly line, the paint finish is not protected against the elements such as oxidation, ultraviolet rays, pollution, tree sap, bird droppings, road salt and acid rain. Our Paint Sealant Protection gives your automobile the wet glossy look with long last protection.

Glass Treatment

Our Glass Treatment forms a clear bond with your automobile’s glass. It increases water to repel and bead for remarkably improved vision, making it easier to clear frost, ice, dirt, mud, bugs, rain, snow, glass cleaning and most important reducing glare, especially at night.

Rim and Tire Care

Rims and tires are subject to contamination by brake dust and road grime on a regular basis, and is probably the hardest part to maintain an excellent appearance. We wash and clean brake dust safely, effectively and protect the steel or alloy rims. We apply rim sealant protection and lubrication to prevent corrosion from settling in and causing permanent damage. We recommend you protect and lubricate your original or after market summer / winter rims and tires before putting it away in storage.

Over Spray Removal

There are several different types of Overspray. Even a slight breeze can carry airborne contaminants commonly called overspray far and beyond the work site. These airborne particles can damage most surfaces and may drift for several kilometers. Some of the different types of overspray are listed below.

  • Cement Overspray

Salt, lime, calcium and other minerals are a result in overspray. It can damage the paint finish if not removed and protected.

  • Environmental and Acid Rain Overspray

Industrial pollutants drift into the air and may mix with rain, snow or morning dew to form acids. These diluted acids settle on the automobile’s painted surface and as water evaporation occurs the acid becomes of a higher concentration and may damage the painted surface.

  • Metal Oxides Overspray

Railroad transportation referred to as “rail dust” and brake dust from your automobile’s brake pads, which is a combination of carbon fibers and metal filings can rust after settling on the paint finish and cause damage.

  • Oil Deposits Overspray

Surfacing materials used on roofs such as Polyurethane Foam, Asphalt, Tar and Oil used on roadways are examples of these types of overspray.

  • Organic Airborne Materials Overspray

Acidic properties in bird droppings, insects, trees and pollen may cause organic damage to painted surface. If not treated in time these organic materials may result in paint degradation and damage.

  • Paint & Coatings Overspray

These materials are commonly used for corrosion protection and are usually applied by spray, brush or roller. Common types of coatings are Epoxies, Urethanes, Alkyds and Acrylics. If not treated in time, it may result in paint damage.