Interior Detailing Services

Interior Detailing  Services

Odor Removal

A number of foreign elements can produce an unwanted odor in your automobile. Cigarette smoke, vomit, mold, mildew, spilled food and beverages are a few common examples. Depending on whether the odor is light, moderate or intense. Our odor removal process eliminates and sanitizes your vehicle restoring it back to a fresh new car scent.

Salt Stain Removal

Road salt is helpful in melting snow, ice and preventing dangerous slips. However it can easily stick to the carpet of your automobile. We can safely remove the salt stain without damaging or discoloring your automobile’s carpet, making it fresh and new again.

Pet Hair Removal

If you have a pet and one that specifically enjoys automobile rides, your pet’s hair will inevitably end up on your automobile’s upholstery seats and carpeting. Our Pet Hair Removal system picks up the most challenging pet hair, dust and dander that gets embedded and turn’s your automobile interior looking fresh and new again.

Upholstery Protection

Upholstery Protection is a strong coating barrier to prevent stains like coffee, soft drinks, milk and food. It prolongs upholstery life, and spills just bead up successfully protected them against permanent staining or damage. Excellent protection for your automobile interior if you have kids or pets.

Leather / Vinyl Protector

Beautifies leather and vinyl surfaces while protecting against permanent staining. Not a greasy or oily silicone product and does not attract dust nor leave surfaces slippery. Keeps your automobile leather and vinyl looking new.